USA Today Experience Travel: 15 food trucks spinning comfort classics

Always on the go, the food truck business is rolling strong and booming with new flavors, creating convenient varieties of specialties and attracting loyal fans. More than creative themes, splashy colors and clever puns, food trucks across the country are blending modern styles and traditional cuisine, serving up their own distinctive spins on breakfast, lunchtime and dinner classics. Often using social media to share their ever-changing locations, these food trucks can be found in and around town or combing local neighborhoods… So your new favorite meal might be (literally) just around the corner.

Click the link above to view the gallery that features innovative food trucks across the USA with unique offerings and a hodgepodge of gourmet fare from the roadway — all coasting along with an abundance of originality.

Food Trucks Down By The River

Rebirth of the Chattanooga Food Truck Movement

The beauty of the food truck is in its mobility. Their ability to pop up any where, any time adds a little mystery and excitement. Unfortunately, for some time that wasn’t happening much for Chattanooga food trucks.

The Street Food Project on Market Street was a short lived solution never to return. Sure, there’s the regular designated events where they make appearances like Sunday’s at the Chattanooga Market, and the soon-to-start-up Friday night’s at NightFall. However, Chattanoogans appear to want more. People should be able to enjoy street eats regardless of whether or not there’s an event going on. We’ll go as far as saying having a group of food trucks congregate together on the street is an event. Full article


TASTE 2016 Fundraiser Event for The Kidney Foundation of Greater Chattanooga

TASTE 2016 Fundraiser Event for The Kidney Foundation of Greater Chattanooga

Rolling J’s Bistro drunken peach cobbler

Rolling J’s Bistro drunken peach cobbler

Chatter Magazine 2016


Scenic City Supper Club: Winter 2019

The Scenic City Supper Club (SCSC) is a guest chef series aiming to shed light on Chattanooga’s emerging restaurant scene and its dedicated community of chefs, farmers, and producers.

Launched in April 2015 by Erik and Amanda Niel (Co-Owners of Easy Bistro & Bar and Main Street Meats), with as a media partner, the series hosts four dinners annually (one per season). Each dinner celebrates the local talent that Chattanooga has to offer, while also expanding to bring in chefs from across the Southeast (and eventually even nationally).

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