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Dinner @ Heaven & Ale

Heaven & Ale, a growler retail store and craft beer tasting room, features access to Chattanooga's widest range of on-tap craft beer to go, as well as a unique craft beer tasting experience that allows you to enjoy the full flavor and complexity of our craft beers. 

Heaven & Ale's craft beers are available in 32- or 64-ounce reusable growlers, and we also offer tasting flights of four 4.5-ounce samples that allow you to explore our diverse selection of craft beers. With hundreds of craft breweries at our disposal and because each craft beer is singularly brewed, every tasting experience you have at Heaven & Ale is unique. 

Heaven & Ale takes tremendous pride in the craft beer we have the privilege of serving. By carefully selecting the craft beers we serve and filling growlers with a meticulous method, Heaven & Ale proudly serves Chattanooga

Earlier Event: June 1
Later Event: August 26